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I am your home and business inspector.  My name is Andy Tayrien and a Senior Inspector for ACTI.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a new property, or you’re trying to sell your current property, ACTI INSPECTIONS is ready to work with you.  Maybe you are wanting to invest or buy a business and would like a Walk-Thru inspection?  Andy will send you an estimate and set an appointment if you wish or send us an email to

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 Once the inspection is over you will have a printed copy with pictures within 24 hours.  


Inspecting Homes and Businesses 
in Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside 

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Who we are

 At ACTI we believe the client/customer always comes first.  Our staff is dedicated to providing the best possible product in a professional and courteous manner.  We understand this can be  a very stressful time for you and our goal is to make this time not only informative but without the stress .

Serving a wide variety of customers from potential homebuyers,  businesses, home owner associations, apartment and property management, banks and home lenders we provide unparalleled and unbiased information found in an inspection.  From roofs, attics, basements and every room in the dwelling where people live or visit it is important to know what works  and does not work, or things that present danger or safety hazards.  We provide you with that information.

Residential Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the largest investments people make.  It pays to know exactly what your home looks like inside and out.

Suburban House

What we inspect!

The home you want to buy::

Using the InterNachi Standards of Practice we will inspect your roof, attic, basement, foundation, plumbing, electricity, heating & air conditioning, walls, ceilings, appliances, doors, windows and more.  We will do a complete visual inspection for safety and functionality.  The results will be organized into a full report, complete with pictures for you to keep with your home.  The information is for you to make decisions important to you as a home or business buyer.

Signing a Contract

Full Report At

Conclusion  of the Inspection

After the inspection is complete, I will be glad to sit and go over the report with you and answer as many questions as you may have.  Remember, the information is for you to help make a good decision about your investment.  After we contract an inspection I work for you and my job is to give you information about components of the home or business inside and out.  My loyalty is to the home or business and part of that loyalty is honesty about what i see.

Australian City View

Commercial Inspections

Light Commercial up to 20,000 sq ft:

Buying a business, Investing in income property as Apartment buildings, commercial storefront business or industrial business.  Allow us to inspect the commercial property before you invest and know not only what your getting but what condition it is in before Due Diligence time is up.  Up to 20,000 sq ft warehouse or strip mall, pictured on our contact page.  Give me a call.  The money you save is yours.  

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